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Commonly known as just Gresham Japanese Garden, a non-profit, volunteer-based organization operating under the Gresham Ebetsu Sister City. All maintenance is performed by volunteers and all financial support is tax deductible. Please see below ways to make Tsuru Island a sustainable Japanese Garden for all.


Want to get your hands dirty? We offer a lot of opportunities to play in the dirt, learn how to prune, spend time outside with like-minded individuals or help the garden by being a Greeter or clerical work.

Ways to Support the Japanese Garden

Touchstone Commemorative Pavers

Endowment through Gresham-Ebetsu Sister City Association (GESCA)

An endowment has been established with Edward Jones and Dino Rocha as of February 2017. This program will allow for the accumulation of funds that will eventually be used when our current volunteer administration is no longer available to oversee the fostering of our garden treasure.

To assure that the endowment would always be applicable we have joined forces with the City of Gresham to assure that the land will be respected as a garden for the community. A joint use agreement and understanding been establish and recognized by the Mayor and City Council.

In the future those funds will assist in the support of the garden maintenance by affording knowledgeable individuals who understand cultural aspects, plantings, training, and maintenance of the structures such as the bridge, azumaya and fences.

If at sometime in the far future the Japanese Garden cannot be maintained on this property, the endowment will be used to relocate the existing garden to another location. Likewise at some time that the Gesham Ebetsu Sister City Association (GESCA) fails to exist as overseers of the funds the 501c3 will revise the mission statement to focus on the garden and its programs or the endowment will be awarded to another non-profit that will oversee instruction on the endowments’ use.

Contact Dino Rocha at

Tribute Benches





Tribute Benches – $2000 each — only 3 benches left

Each of these benches is hand made with recycled material available from the original garden and bridge construction from 1975. Behind each bench is a small stone pillar with a 6″x6″ brushed-finish plaque for information.

  • One color – black
  • Font style and size
  • Seals and crests (artwork provided).
  • Family names, dates and relationships can be designated as well.

Benches are maintained by the garden.

Checks are made out to the GESCA with a note to “Tribute Bench”. The Bench tribute will be completed within about 1 -10 days from the date of the full deposit. A receipt on GESCA letterhead will be provided for tax deduction information to the mailing address of your choice and a letter from the Gresham Japanese Garden can sent to a person / address of your choice as a notification of the tribute. These letters can note the donor or they can be anonymous.


Tribute Plaques

Tribute Plaques In loving memory of
$500 each

Each plaque will be 4″ x 6″ made out of rosewood and mounted on the wood screen that can be read from the pathway.

Included in your donation, you may enjoy these amenities:

  • 10% discount on rental fees
  • Free members-only classes
  • 10% off Garden in-stock plants
  • 20% discount to workshops
  • Admission to one (1) Oregon Koto-Kia event
  • 10% discount to local establishment



North American Japanese Garden Association

JACLJapanese American Citizens League
Gresham | Troutdale

Mailing Address

At this time we are only able to accept checks mailed to:
PO Box 1652
Gresham OR 97030