Ebetsu Plaza Dedication

While visiting Gresham in November of 2017, the delegation from Ebetsu joined Mayor Bemis at Main City Park for the announcement of the beginning of Ebetsu Plaza. This event was highlighted by the tree planting event and the presentation of the plaque marking the project. During that presentation, Mayor Bemis and myself announced to those present that we would be providing up dates of the progress of the construction from the beginning to completion. You can find these updates here and on a dedicated Facebook page, The Ebetsu Plaza Project.

Touch Stone Fundraiser

Paving the way for a sustainable future for the Garden.

Touch Stone walkway will be 7 feet wide by 50 feet long with the capacity to lay over 2000 bricks. Ebetsu Plaza, named after Ebestu, Japan, Gresham’s sister city will be a circular construction with benches made from the old bridge surrounded by twelve Akebono Cherry trees flanking the Touch Stone walkway. The Ebetsu Plaza will serve as a public gathering place, workshop and event venue for all of Gresham to enjoy.

To raise the necessary funds, community partners and garden directors have devised a unique initiative. Enter Ebetsu Plaza, a new addition to the garden that will bring together the community and further connect Gresham with its sister city, Ebetsu Japan. Imagine a key hole shaped plaza in Main City Park that is paved with engraved touchstones. Each stone is an oppurtunity for individuals to make a donation and support the project and its partners.