Spring 2018 Pruning Class

Dear Northwest Pruners, We had a great time discussing Northwest Native plants at the last pruning meeting in January. We talked about which ones respond well to pruning and which ones work well in a garden context. They were not always the same! This spring there are...

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Kichler Lighting

February 2018

We can never take for granted the gifts that the Garden is provided from individuals and companies that have provided our materials. One of those companies is Kichler Lighting, providing us with our low voltage LED lighting in the Garden. As one of the most significant thing that has taken place in 2017, we want to recognize the lighting donations that have come from Tom Rowe at Kichler.

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Community Involvement in Gresham

January 2018
One of the ways to look at community involvement is to find ways that you can assist in the community and find ways that they can help your organization. Over the past few years while rebuilding the Garden and establishing its programs, our involvement around the City has been mostly committed to our area of Main City Park.

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Donated Trees from J. Frank Schmidt Nursery

January 2017

From the very beginning of the Garden rebirth, J. Frank Schmidt Nursery has been providing us with trees. After a visit from the Schmidt family in 2012, we were provided maples of several varieties as an offering for the Garden redesign. All of those maples have been installed and are thriving. We noted that gift with a plaque that was installed on the recognition pedestal at the east end of the Garden.

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Our Garden for 2017

December 2017
We have a tendency to think back over the year around the new year time for many parts of our lives. At the Garden that happens more often during the year as we update readers of our newsletter and make announcements to our volunteers.

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Fundraising for Ebetsu Plaza

November 2017
For several months discussions have taken place about the area in front of the Resource Center. One of the challenges has been the emergency lane that runs through this area. Expanding the paved area would include the fire lane and part of the grass area. The addition of cherry trees would also add to our cultural goal for Tsuru Island.

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Japanese American Citizens League Garden History

This is where the story begins in regards to the Gresham Japanese Garden. The island was free standing and as part of the project, a bridge had been built to connect the mainland and the island and area was most likely just called the island. This piece of land was...

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